• [F] Repair the problem that when the validation rule is empty, the validation data is passed directly


  • [U] The fields specified in the modified scenario will be validated even if no rules are defined


  • [A] Closure rules are supported when adding rules using the append method in a scene
  • [A] Custom rule classes support independent calls
  • [U] Optimize access to custom rules
  • [D] Remove the setData method from the custom scene
  • [F] Repair the problem that the current scene will not be reset automatically after the verification is completed
  • [F] Fix the problem that the getRules method cannot be used under the validator


  • [A] The after and before scenarios support closure and callable
  • [U] Adjust the runtime exception reporting class to ValidateRuntimeException


  • [A] Add predefined regular expressions
  • [F] Repair the problem that when different validators register custom rules with the same name under the same session, only one of them takes effect.
  • [F] Fix the problem that the validator rules cannot use arrays
  • [F] Fix the problem that the validation rule will appear an empty rule



  • [F] Fix the problem that duplicate validation fields in the scene chain will be validated twice


  • [F] Fix the problem that the scene next does not resolve the validation rules


  • [F] Fix the problem caused by returning null characters in scene next, ignore if next returns null characters or false.



  • [F] Fix a bug when using scenarios on the validator to get rules



  • [F] Fix the problem of Providers


  • [U] Modify the validator's use keyword to next
  • [U] After modifying the next scenario using next, the validated data will all be added up
  • [U] Update the naming convention of the scene selector to selector name + Selector
  • [D] Remove the setFramework method, such as for Rangine and Laravel frameworks, the extension will automatically determine



  • [A] Add Laravel and Rangine framework Provider files so that it is not necessary to manually specify the framework type
  • [F] Fix the problem that run-script test cannot execute unit test under Linux



  • [U] Update Rangine validate middleware to adapt to new versions of Rangine.


  • [F] Fix the problem that the filter will set null for non-existent values



  • [U] Modify the method of getting validator in Rangine framework


  • [A] Default to add support for classes
  • [F] Fix errors in default and filters when callback parameters are arrays



  • [A] Add default, which can be used to set default values for the data to be validated or to advance formatting, etc.
  • [A] Add filters for processing the validated data
  • [U] Update the program runtime exception class to ValidateRuntimeException
  • [U] Update the handler method in the scene to event
  • [U] Update validation events to handle validation only, no longer support handling data
  • [U] Update unit tests


  • [U] Update the getRules method, remove the scene parameter, and add the $initial parameter to get the original rules.
  • [U] Update the static method default get rule to the parsed rule
  • [F] Fix getRules does not parse rules when it gets all rules
  • [F] Fix the problem that get static method gets the original rules wrong



  • [A] Add validation scenarios that can be called directly via static methods to return rules, messages, and custom properties
  • [A] Add getRules method for getting rules
  • [A] Add getMessage method to get error messages
  • [A] Add some corresponding unit tests
  • [A] Rule Manager adds static method getBySceneName
  • [U] Update the method to get the original rules to getInitialRules
  • [U] Update the getCustomAttributes method to get the specified fields
  • [U] Update the default $initial parameter of the get method of the Rule Manager to false



  • [F] Fix a message that defines a custom extension rule but suggests that it does not exist


  • [A] Add Rule Manager
  • [A] Adding scene classes
  • [A] Add message processor
  • [U] Extensive refactoring of the code
  • [F] Fix the problem that the automatic creation of translator cannot find the language pack due to the version problem
Last Updated: 10/12/2021, 3:32:18 PM