• [F] Fix a validation failure caused by TP using exists and unique rules for multiple validation conditions in the same session
  • [A] Add newQuery method to the database query interface to avoid duplication of multi-conditional queries in the same session


  • [U] Modify the Get Error Index
  • [A] Add exclude_with rule
  • [A] Arrayrules add more detailed validation messages





  • [F] Fix redundant property class provided when filter method is a built-in function
  • [F] Fix the problem that Filter does not remove the array elements



  • [A] Add invokeSceneCheck method to create a dynamic scene directly on the basis of the validator for use
  • [A] Add extendImplicitRule,extendDependentRule methods
  • [A] Add presence validator for ThinkPHP framework
  • [A] Add presence validator for Laravel framework
  • [A] Add getAttribute method to ValidateException exception class
  • [A] Rule message replacement method replacer adds support for :attribute
  • [A] The Size rule supports passing in other fields
  • [A] Add multi-conditional support for Exists rules
  • [A] Validator adds ruleMessage parameter to store failure messages for class method rules
  • [U] Unique multi-conditional support for other parameters, adjust the position of the excluded parameters, parameter 2 for the field, parameter 3 for the value
  • [U] Unique,Exists rules no longer support Model of Laravel
  • [U] Adjust the letters in the Alpha,AlphaDash,AlphaNum rules to refer to the English alphabet only, not to all natural languages
  • [U] Adjust the static extension rule method to be globally valid, no longer differentiated by validator
  • [U] The replacer method is no longer valid for method rules in the validator class
  • [U] Remove bulk validation and throw an exception when validation fails
  • [U] For consistency, the field name reference format is changed to {@field}
  • [U] Update support for Rangine framework
  • [D] Delete the Bail rule
  • [D] Delete the Password rule
  • [D] ValidateException exception class removes the getData method